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Human body contains two types of charges, namely positive charge and negative charge. In our daily activities such as working, playing, and even resting, a lot of energy is used. During the burning of energies, a lot of charge-changing process happens at the atoms inside our body. The moving, losing and releasing of the electrons from ones to another causes our body to be in an imbalance state.

These imbalance charges in our body makes us feel tired, ashen and exhausted after finishing our daily activities. Therefore, these charges must be balance back to bring the man to freshness anew and the body state itself back to normal. Here, where the miracle of Islam - where
bunches of fool, idiot and selfish peoples had denied for, comes to complete the incomplete..

This is a true story about one of a genius physic professor in United State of America. He had done a research on the congregation prayer
( Solah Berjamaah ) requested by our God Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. Initially, his curiosity on this Islamic practice rose, and then encouraged him to make a research on benefits and advantages of this practice.

The professor's mind kept twisting and thinking on the congregation prayer. Why does this religion's God requested the Islamists to do the prayer en masse at the same time? And also, why doesn't the number of rakaah inside the prayer itself be the same?

His research had told him that the differences of the rakaah numbers are meant to balance the charges inside the human body. Before we do our congregation prayer, we will be reminded to straighten our allignment, shoulders meet shoulders and so do our footprints. These requested acts actually have their own, unique reasons.

Scientific study shows that when our body colliding with others, right and left during the congregation prayer, it actually balances back the needy charges in our body. This is due to the excessive amount of charges, whether it is negative or positive charges will be released out while the lack ones will be pulled in. Thi
s happens by the transportation of electron since it is the only one that can move from atoms to atoms. The longer the collision happens, the more balance the charges inside our body.

Based on him too, each time we awaken from our sleep, our body will
have an appropriate amount of freshness and healthness. At this time, our body contains positive and negative charges at almost the same. Thus, we only need a few more exchanging process for the fully balanced body charge to be reached. That's why the subuh prayer contains only 2 rakaah.

Next, after a long day of hard-muscle and brain-squeezing works, the charges return to imbalance state due to the losing of charges from our body. This w
here the congregation player takes in act. It will balance back the charges inside our body.The 4-rakaah prayer of Zohor actually provides more times and spaces for the process to be occur and complete.

The same situation goes in the evening. A large number of energies is used to continue our daily works and surely we loss our balance body state. As
Zohor prayer, the 4-rakaah Asar prayer caters for longer times for the reaction.

Usually, after
Asar prayer we will return home from offices and schools. We normally does not doing much energy-consuming activities and we are at higher tendency to rest as the length of the time also is short. Thus, Maghrib prayer is just in 3 rakaah, sufficient for the least amount of energy used compare to the other two.

Now, came a big puzzlement to his research on the 4-
rakaah Isyak prayer. Logically, we doesn't need much energy at night because the activities at night is much lower than the day in the matter of energies used. Also, night is when we can have a nice, good sleep and surely we don't actually have to fill back our energy..

He then continued his research a
nd his recent research puzzled out everything. We already know that Islamists are encouraged to sleep and wake up early to worship Allah 'Azza Wa Jalla ( Qiamullail ) at the last one third of the night. In can be concluded that 4-rakaah prayer acts as a preparation that provides energy to do the worshiping ( Qiamullail )..

His own research put him on awe. Islam is truely the true religion that is the most special and the most complete. It is proven that Islam is the one and only religion that will bring successes and happiness till the end. He then realised that every creation have their own reason that give profits to the Islamists itself. He felt how tiny he was and how Great The Creator is. In the end, with hidayah from Allah, he became one of our brothers..


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